April 2, 2014

Our First Year



 [March 29th, 2013
Newport Beach, CA]
Highlights of our first year together as
Mr. & Mrs. Jacobs
+Honeymoon in Kona, HI
+Graduated BYU
+Moved to Washington, DC
+Trip to Gettysburg & Philadelphia, PA 
+Trip to Orange County, CA 
+Lumineers concert
+Deep Creek Lake, MD
+Lake Powell
+Moved into new apartment
+BYU vs UVA game
+Capitol Hill shenanigans
+Trip to Santa Barabara, CA
+Pumpkin patch with Emily & McKay
+Macklemore concert
+Thanksgiving with Chris & JJ
+Our first Christmas Tree
+Trip to NYC during Christmas
+Christmas in UT
+25th Birthday celebrations
+Favorite flowers on Valentine's day
+DC Temple trips with the youth
+Anniversary dinner at Farmers Fishers Bakers
I am so grateful to have Adam by my side.
 He is my strength. He is my other half. He is apart of me.
 He is my world. He is my anchor. He is my rock.
He is my teacher. He is my comfort. He is my pain. He is my joy.
He is my favorite human in the whole wide world.
& is he all mine.


  1. Sooooo sweet! So happy for you two. Love you girl! When are you coming to CA next??

  2. happy 1 year! you guys are adorable.