February 26, 2014

v i a g g i a r e

[Washington, DC]
As March slowly is creeping up on us, I can only imagine what we are going to do to celebrate our one year anniversary -- which is March 29th.
Holy crap has it really been one year?!
I'll admit, I have & always will have the travel bug.
All day I long for a new adventure & so I am crossing my fingers that somehow
the stars align & we will get to just go.
Debate after debate has lead us to create this list of our top places:
Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
India, Nepal
Machu Picchu, Peru
Greece, Turkey
Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark
Germany, Austria, Switzerland (my mission)
Belgium, the Netherlands (Adam's mission)
Israel, Jordan, Egypt
China, Japan, Korea
Okay this list could go on forever...
But let's just say we have decided where we are going to go!
& it is a secret...
 (I'm the worst secret keeper)
But I'm trying to become a better one.
Where would you go?
The world is a book
- and those who do not travel -
only read one page .
St. Augustine

February 11, 2014

celebrating life.

[Lake Powell, circa 1991]
Today I am celebrating life.
life : the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects & dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.
Even though this may be the worlds definition of life, I know it is much much more than that.
I believe that life is a gift & that when we come to understand who we are & who we are to become,
 the full meaning of life unfolds to us.
Some may believe that there is no God & that the end of all human life is personal annihilation -- a
dark philosophy of despair that eventually leads to the conclusion that life is meaningless.
Such persons think that cruelty & compassion, hatred & love, good & evil are all equally meaningless & that it matters not what one does nor how one treats others.
As the belief in God wanes, so too does the view that life has meaning, purpose or value.
Perceptions about the nature of mankind influence our own knowledge
& understanding of the meaning of life.
But God has a plan for his children.
This plan explains that our soul purposes to come to this earth were to obtain a body, be tested &
tried as we walk by faith,  to come to know & love God & His son Jesus Christ, to establish a family,
 & at the end of our mortal journey to present ourselves worthy before God.
The end of life is coming near someone dear to my heart.
Someone who has exemplified many characteristics of Christ.
She has taught me how to love ; unconditionally.
She has taught me how to serve others ; no matter what.
She has taught me how to cherish life ; every moment.
You are in my heart Aunt Christy.
I am celebrating your life today.

February 4, 2014

Alpine-German Speaking Mission

[Old Town, Alexandria]
To say that I love it here would be an understatement.
The brick buildings remind me so much of my travels abroad & how much I miss adventures.
Being a California girl at heart, I never thought I'd have the chance to live on the east coast, especially DC - this was the last place I thought I'd end up!
But here I am, growing in love with my husband, trying to make new friends,
working full time, exploring new hobbies, learning how to be alone (away from family/friends)
& understanding that this exactly what the Lord had in store for me.
February 2014 was the month I was supposed to come home from serving a
mission in the Alpine-German Speaking Mission.
It seems surreal that 18 months ago I postponed/deferred from serving to take a leap
of faith in another direction -- the completely opposite direction -- because
something wouldn't let me say goodbye.
Deep down in the depths of my heart, I knew (without a doubt) that Adam would be the one.
 Even though it wasn't a picture perfect love story,
 it was real & it was worth it.
Looking back, I cannot believe how that tiny ounce of faith has turned into blessing after blessing.
Missions allow growth but so does marriage
- a similar but different kind of growth.
So listen to your heart because I am so grateful I did.
& I relied on my Father in heaven. He was there every step of the way.
He continues to remind me that He knows me, loves me & wants me to turn to Him.
I know He wants the same for you.
Faith in God
requires faith in His


25 balloons for my 25 year old.
+ dinner at founding farmers, a surprise birthday party & a peyton manning jersey
[I guess you could say he was a little spoiled]
I love you my Adam.