our love story

Our story is not your typical love story. April 4th, 2012 I was called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Alpine-German Speaking mission. It was a dream that I had the opportunity to give 18 months of my life in bringing people unto the Savior. I distinctively remember feeling like this was the path that I know would push me to learn patience, hard work, dedication and sacrifice. It was a dream. It was real. Nothing could stop me from this commitment I made with the Lord to serve the people of Germany, Austria & Switzerland. Until a month later, while packing up all my belongings in Provo to move home to California, I met someone that left strong impressions in my heart and that someone was Mr. Adam Kay Jacobs. With only hanging out a handful of times those couple days I was there, I knew there was something between us that was different. Feelings of frustration and confusion clouded my mind as I drove to California, not knowing what the future would bring. As we kept in contact over the next few weeks, I had the chance to go back to Utah with some friends heading that direction. Taking a chance of a broken heart, I made my way to Utah with the hope of something great to come of it. And it did. We were inseparable that summer by taking a trip to Lake Mead where we had our first kiss to celebrating the fourth of July with fireworks at the Dodgers Stadium. I was head over heels. Within weeks of August 8th, I could not leave without knowing what could happen between us. I felt anxiety when thinking about my mission and so much peace when thinking about following my heart. Many hours were spent in the temple and on my knees, begging to get some kind of direction of what exactly the Lord needed me to do. Where he needed me to be. He knows us better than we know ourselves and therefore it is necessary to lean on Him to direct our sails. My sails were directing to an eternal marriage that I could not deny. The fall semester came and we continued to date with pressures for marriage or mission on our shoulders. In January, Mr. Jacobs flew out to Washington D.C for job interviews and to visit friends and insisted that I come with him. He claimed that if I truly loved him, I would come. So what did I do? I went of course! On Friday, January 18th, Mr. Jacobs asked me to marry him at the Lincoln Memorial after a romantic dinner at a German Restaurant. He promised me to take me to Europe for he too had served in Belgium and wanted to visit. This felt more like a dream than my mission call because this is what I had been dreaming about since I was a little girl. Every day I am so grateful I made that decision because the Lord knew that this path would cause me to grow in every way possible. Mr. Jacobs has changed my life and inspires me to be the person I was designed to become. Listen to your heart because eventually your mind will catch up and life will fall into place.


  1. Just found your adorable blog and I love this so much. Such a cute love story.


  2. your blog is absolutely adorable! i loved reading your story--i had a similar experience, getting ready to serve a mission & then having a distinct impression that my relationship was not one i wanted to take a rain check on :) it's fun to hear that someone else had a similar experience. excited to read more!


    1. You are the sweetest!! Yeah it isn't common to find girls in my situation :) but it was the best decision ever! I can't wait to read more about you! I LOVE saltine crackers as well...like have an obsession haha so I have a feeling we are going to be great friends.


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  4. Can you please tell me who made your dress and where you got it? It is beautiful!!