about me

My name is Carley Jacobs, formally known as Carley Wells. I grew up in Orange County, CA, and am currently trying to find my place outside Washington DC in this town called Alexandria, VA. I am the wife of handsome Mr. Adam Jacobs who is currently working at the Capitol building for Senator Flake from AZ. While he voices his opinions, I am working as a Staff Assistant at a polling firm in Old town & doing a part-time thing at Anthropologie. Having both just graduated from BYU, we got married, backed our bags, drove across the country to start our lives together. I feel very blessed to deferring from an LDS mission to Germany, Austria & Switzerland to begin another mission that God has in store for me. I know that God knows each of us individually; our thoughts, emotions, needs. This is my journal to share the joys that life brings when we listen to our hearts.

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