April 17, 2014

Marriage Day for my Lo

Man oh man. Where do I even begin?
 Last weekend we got the chance to go out to Utah for my best friend's wedding.
I couldn't believe the day had actually come! My Lo was finally marrying the man of her dreams...
who is actually one of Adam's best friends. Funny how that worked out!
We know who our livelong friends are going to be :)
 (we take the credit for setting them up just because it makes us feel cool)
Michael & Lauren have a unique love story & I am so grateful that we got to lean on
one another as our husbands tried to "figure it out".
(whatever that means, we knew they were perfectly imperfect for us)
I am so anxious, nervous, excited for them & their new lives together.
Looking back on our first year, I can say that marriage is not easy.
It takes commitment, love, forgiveness, patience, selflessness, control
& a whole lot of growing up.
But it is worth every single moment.
"Marriage is wonderful. In time you begin to think alike
 and have the same ideas and impressions. You have times when you are extremely happy,
times of testing, and times of trial,
but The Lord guides you through all those growth experiences together."
Elder Richard G. Scott


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  1. love this! all of you are so beautiful!!