March 14, 2014

March Madness

[Chinatown, D.C] 

 [Old Town Waterfront, Alexandria]

[outside our little home in Alexandria, VA]
March has been filled with...
+trying a Greek spin off Chiptole called Cava Mezze Grill - delicious
+saying goodbye to the Bachelor - Juan Pablo was THE worst
+purchasing tickets for our travel abroad in May - still a surprise to some
+using our imagination with the kiddos we babysat - filming a superman rescue movie of course
+bananagram wars - adam wins every time
+watching gravity  - wish our home was 3D Imax
+bruises, blood blisters, purple toe nails because of soccer games - TMI?
+gold's gym goers - gotta love BodyPump classes
+brainstorming on a new hair style - cut & new color? Melt maybe?
+1/2 way done with two books - the Glass Castle & the Goldfinch
+caught a Jazz vs Wizards basketball game - Adam's idea of date night
+celebrating 4 young women's 16th birthday - dance party
+cooking & trying new recipes a lot lately - attempted to make homemade wheat bread
+researching some genealogy - or baby names? yikes...not even pregnant
+new iPhone 5s - obsessed
+anxiously waiting for our 1 year anniversary celebration on March 29th -
I cannot believe how much we've grown
in between goals is a thing called life,
that has to be lived & enjoyed.



  1. haha WOW all those things sound great. how did your bread making experience go? I've always made cinnamon rolls, but I've wanted to get into making my own homemade bread. (one day!!!)

    1. umm let's just say the bread didn't hardly rise enough & it kinda got a little burnt...but other than that it was delicious & you should seriously try it because it was so much fun & I know I will only get better the more I try!! :) (ps. sorry this comment is laaate, I forget about these things :)) but cinnamon rolls are next on my list!

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