March 19, 2014

banana cream pie

[Alexandria, VA]
I don't complain too much about the snow out here.
Mainly because it melts the next day, no one is on the road &
it gives my husband the day off of work.
These days typically inspire him to be productive (clean, study, work out, grocery shop) or they inspire him surprise me & buy a brand new TV (true story).
But yesterday's snow day somehow motivated him to make his first ever banana cream pie
(& you better believe I was not complaining!)
To see the excitement in his accomplishment brought so much joy to my heart.
There is something inside each of us that triggers this sense of motivation.
Motivation to get out of bed, to call an old friend, to wash the dishes, to eat healthier,
to keep trying even though things get hard, to accomplish goals, & to be your best self.
I like to think that motivation is a domino affect -
because others inspire you to push beyond your limits
& you have the ability to do the same for them.
There is so much joy when we see how our growth has influenced someone else
or how someone else has influenced our growth.
So keep moving forward
keep motivating
keep inspiring
the only time you should ever look back
is to see how far you've come.

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