February 26, 2014

v i a g g i a r e

[Washington, DC]
As March slowly is creeping up on us, I can only imagine what we are going to do to celebrate our one year anniversary -- which is March 29th.
Holy crap has it really been one year?!
I'll admit, I have & always will have the travel bug.
All day I long for a new adventure & so I am crossing my fingers that somehow
the stars align & we will get to just go.
Debate after debate has lead us to create this list of our top places:
Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
India, Nepal
Machu Picchu, Peru
Greece, Turkey
Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark
Germany, Austria, Switzerland (my mission)
Belgium, the Netherlands (Adam's mission)
Israel, Jordan, Egypt
China, Japan, Korea
Okay this list could go on forever...
But let's just say we have decided where we are going to go!
& it is a secret...
 (I'm the worst secret keeper)
But I'm trying to become a better one.
Where would you go?
The world is a book
- and those who do not travel -
only read one page .
St. Augustine


  1. You know that North Korea has never been, nor never will be on that list right? ( :

  2. I don't remember you checking with me to see if you could leave. If you had i would have said sure but be back by sunday. Ha Ha

  3. i would go ALL OF THOSE PLACES...but thailand has been #1 on my list for years. it is so beautiful, so fascinating, and so cheap! we are hoping to make it out there this year :) i'm excited to hear where you end up going!

  4. We are hopefully moving to Finland the Summer of 2015 for a year or two. You can come visit us there and check off Finland on your list. ;)