December 11, 2013


[New York, NY]
Oh me oh my was last weekend a dream!? I feel like it never happened, honestly. It was so magical being there during the Christmas season. I am kicking myself I forgot my Canon so these iPhone photos will have to do. Personally, I am kind of grateful I forgot it because I really wanted to just be there - with Adam & the Andersons -
rather than be snapping pictures every moment. Sometimes I get too caught up in distractions around me that I forget to enjoy what's right there beside me. I forget about the one who continues to hold my hand & look into my eyes as we step into the unknown. It is scary to think where we will be, what we will do with our lives but that fear escapes as I realize that we get to do it together. Travel, move from place to place, have kids, learn how to become parents, go through hardships, grow old, spoil our grandchildren, travel some more & one day leave this earth.
All of that we get to experience together.
 How scary can that be? Knowing that I always have him to lean on.
I hope that we never forget who we have.
Whether that be our siblings, parents, children, animals, spouses, or the Savior,
we are never alone.
"There is not one of us but what God's love has been expended upon. There is not one of us that He has not cared for & caressed. There is not one of us that He has not desired to save, and that He has not devised means to save. There is not one of us that He has not given angels charge concerning. We may be insignificant & contemptible in our own eyes, & in the eyes of others, but the truth remains that we are the children of God, & that He has actually given His angels - invisible beings of power & might - charge concerning us & they watch over us & have us in their keeping."
President George Q. Cannon


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  1. I've always wanted to go to NYC! These pictures are so much fun! :)
    xo TJ