December 6, 2013

we are all the same

[Alexandria, VA]
 Somedays we feel like we need to write. It doesn't matter what exactly one chooses to write about,
 but that point of the matter is what everyone has something they need to say. 
I believe that the most therapeutic exercise is writing because it allows you to listen to yourself.
 It feeds my Spirit to hear truths that I have confidence in.
I also believe the brain is the most powerful muscle of the human body. In one second, we have the power to fall as prey to the delusion that everyone's life is happier, more productive & more popular than ours because of that detrimental "like" button.
 We live in a world in which social media is constantly bombarding our minds via facebook, instagram, twitter, blogs, snapchat, & pinterest -- which distort our views of reality. Every single day, we are faced with words, photographs, pieces of peoples lives that are illusions which have the effectiveness to change our self confidence & self worth. The consumption of media into our minds create ideas of comparison, jealousy, envy, & resentment that do not need to be there.
This inundation of perfection unconsciously blinds us with negative emotions.
But the truth is that everyone is out there struggling, battling, carrying the same doubts, confusion and loneliness you & I do. Everyone is simply trying to figure out how to control, understand & change in order to create a peace of mind & of heart.
So why do we let ourselves become the victim of this? Why do we let negativity bring us down so
 much that we no longer feel good about ourselves & the world we live in?
Minds have the power to choose if they want those ideas to linger or to get out.
 Minds have the ability to create, inspire & strengthen others; but also have the weakness to tear you apart, spit on you, & make you believe you are alone. 
The truth is we are all seeing the world through a different perspective but ultimately having the same experiences. Maybe next time when you feel those thoughts creep into your mind, you will have the strength, the power to catch yourself & remember that we are all the
we either make ourselves
m is e r a bl e
or we make ourselves
s tr o n g 
. . .
the amount of work is the
s a m e

PS. this photo was taking in Paris, France
circa 2011

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