January 9, 2014

Bringing in the New Year ; better late than never

[Alexandria, VA]
Slowly but surely I am posting about our Christmas/New Years festivities which consisted of traveling back to the lovely state of Utah to be with Adam's family. Arriving on Christmas Eve night (one of the benefits of Adam working for the government...not) put us in just in time for the extravagant buffet of cheeses, dips, meatballs & sparkling cider that was prepared by my lovely mother & sister-in-laws. I loved seeing their excitement as they kept pulling out dish after dish & explaining the intricate ingredients used to make them. It sure felt & smelt like home.
Now that we are married & live so far away, it is difficult to now how to spilt our time off between both families. I wish I could just hold on to an object & suddenly be along the streets of Trabuco Canyon, CA...but unfortunately I am not Harry Potter...(whom I have currently been admiring by rereading the series/watching all the movies all of the days. Gosh I love them so much!) There were moments of downtime when I just sat & reflected upon how much I truly love each one of my siblings & parents. & how grateful I am for their love, support & understanding. I thought about their courage, strength & grit in raising their little ones. I admire & look up to their commitment to one another after these past few years, which have really rattled our worlds.
It stirred my thoughts of my New Years resolutions & how I could better myself this year in order to become like them. Man I didn't realize how many ideas came to mind. 2013 has been a year of just pure growth - marriage, graduated BYU, moved to DC - that I thought about how much more growth there is to come.
In 2014 I want to
1. go somewhere I have never been before
2. read at least 1 book a month
3. learn how to sew
4. be more passionate
5. cut my hair short &/or dye it another color
6. push myself with my camera
7. go sailing on the Potomac
8. smile more
9. cut out the negativity
10. make friends/be a better one
 11. encourage myself that I can do it
12. ride a horse again
13. make my phone an accessory ; not a priority
14. pray for my children
15. grow closer to Adam & the Lord
Growth demands a temporary
s u r r e n d e r
of  security 


  1. okay--first of all, that calendar is darling, i want to frame that illustration! secondly, i love the simplicity of your goals that leaves so much room for the variety of life. & lastly, "make your phone an accessory--not a priority"--you are spot on! thanks for wording it so perfectly. you are lovely.

  2. I love your goals, so perfect. I've been working on a few of these as well. I think that one of your goals should also be "to visit my dear friend kirsten in san francisco :)" just in case you were wanting input. also, i always miss my family and find myself wishing i had a portkey.