August 22, 2013

lake powell

 Wahweap Marina
Here are a few shots of our trip this past week. I decided to take out the camera the last day & capture pieces of everyone (even though this isn't everyone). It was a treat to have our family & closes friends come to enjoy the sun & water with. There is something about house boating trips that creates this bond in which everyone feels this sense of unity. Like we are all working together to accomplish a certain goal. This goal includes making sure everyone is safe, not sunburnt, has at least two bruises from tubbing and that everyone is having as much fun as humanly possible. Of course there were headaches, broken ribs, sore muscles but that isn't what keeps you from trying. Failure is necessary in order to learn. Don't cross it out in your mind that you are inadequate to do something you've never done before. Believe it can be done and then go out and do it.

Train your mind 
to see the good in
e v e r y t h i n g 

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