July 31, 2013

butler's orchard

[Germantown, MD]
Yesterday, I decided to take Ava to a blackberry farm & sneak a few photos of her. Since her 2nd birthday is this friday, I thought it would be perfect to then frame some of the photos for her parents. It was quite the adventure out there but well worth the trip. Maryland is gorgeous during the summer! I am so lucky to live to close & to have fresh fruit to take home & enjoy! This is probably my favorite thing I've down out here in DC & I have yet to drag Adam along with me (he's in for a real treat). Hopefully my kids will be as obedient as Ava was during her photoshoot. Parents around me kept complimenting on how "my daughter" stayed so still! It was hilarious. Honestly I think Ava liked being a model because she was listening to me, standing still in an open field, always insisting to wear her hat & kept holding the bucket of blackberries rather than throwing them on the ground. I was so proud of her & am so excited to celebrate her 2nd birthday this weekend. I love you my Ava! & am so grateful to be your nanny.

While we try & teach children all about life,
children teach us what life is all about. 

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