August 30, 2013

Life Lately

[Alexandria, VA]
Life has been a little hectic lately ; but let's be real, when is it not? There is always a birthday, plans that need planning, cleaning that needs to get done,  meals that need to be made, etc. Life never seems to slow down, especially for the Jacobs family. Over this past month, I have accepted a new job! Which means moving time. Which means searching for an apartment. Which is more difficult than we thought due to our circumstances. The Tarrance Group offered me a position as their Staff Assistant. I will be answering phones, working on graphs/powerpoints dealing with research data on upcoming political campaigns. I have a variety of mixed emotions because I do love watching Ava, having the flexibility to do whatever I want & be a "mom" but I am excited to take on this challenge of learning something new & being in an environment that I honestly never would've chosen. But the fact that this job just fell into my hands, we have to take it! (It offers health benefits as well which is a mega plus) I start this Tuesday so please say a little prayer for me! Lake Powell came & gone too fast. Adam went to Utah & I headed back to DC so we had the opportunity to be apart for a little while. To be honest, I needed those days to help me realize how grateful I am for Adam & how he is my everything. It was the first time we'd be apart since we've been married & it was tough! I am the biggest baby but thank goodness for nail salons, RedBox & Kinfolk magazine so I could craft/keep myself busy. I forgot how much I love to collage! Creating something out of something else is the best way to distress. I've been trying to do a lot of my favorite things this past week with Ava because today is actually the last day of my nannying career. She is such a ball of energy & I am going to miss watching elmo, despicable me, curious george & finding nemo. I'm going to miss the children's museum, the splash pad, & all the different parks we would visit. I'm going to miss Costco, Target & Trader Joe runs. Thanks miss Ava for helping me grow up out here. You've taught me patience, how to love, & how to control my temper. I am so grateful for your spirit & I hope that your next nanny loves you as much as I do! I'll always remember this summer as a summer of growth. 

Most obstacles
i n s p i r a t i o n. 

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  1. ok i'm seriously jealous of all your adventures! you have such a cute blog and you are your hubs are a model couple! :) xx