September 18, 2013




[Alexandria, VA] Another month has flown by & a lot of changed has happened. A few doors have closed but many new ones have opened. I said goodbye to nannying & hello to reality. I absolutely love my new job & the people I get to be around have inspired me to succeed. The graphs, charts, numbers, phone calls, coffee making, & filing is all worth it because of those I am surrounded by. Over labor day weekend we got the chance to travel down to Charlottesville & watch the BYU vs UVA game. I can honestly say I have never been so passionate about football until I married Adam Jacobs. Even the thunderstorm & rain delay didn't stop me from screaming my lungs out.We also got the chance to venture around the National Mall & soak in pieces of art at the National Gallery. I could almost hear Professor Swensen & Professor Jensen's voices behind me (seriously). It made me miss BYU a little bit & the experiences I had while I was there. But I am so grateful that that door has closed because then I wouldn't be here in DC with my Adam. I wouldn't be strolling through Old Town every day, or paddleboarding on the Potomac River, or tubing on Deep Creek Lake with the Gerard's. I wouldn't have the opportunity to expand my ideas and understanding of the different cultures and mindset of east coast people. God has really pushed me to believe in myself & to stand a little taller in all aspects of life. This is the place that has forced me to make decisions of who I want to be as a wife and mother. My past doesn't not define me; even though it is huge apart of who I am. I have taken those weaknesses and have made the decision to destroy them. I know that Satan has the power to influence you for worse due to the fact that he wants you to suffer as himself. Each day we are given the gift to choose how we are going to respond to the hardships we face. I choose to face them with a smile.

You did
come this
to walk
without the
v i c t o r y 

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  1. As always, inspiring. So funny what you can learn from people who live so far away! But I am becoming addicted to your blog and how you share your life triumphs <3