July 29, 2013

weekend of nausea

[Deer Creek, MD]
My Adam is too good to me. This past weekend we went to the Lumineer's concert for date night & sang our hearts out with all the other 50,000 people there. I will be honest & say that I even cried a little (which isn't anything surprising, I cry almost every day) but they were incredible live. On our honeymoon, their one & only album played on repeat over & over again. So there was an extra emotional pull on my heart. On top of this, we got invited by Jack & Lauren Gerard to their beautiful cabin out on Deer Creek. Ever since I was two months old, my family has been a lake/water sport kind of family. We were fortunate enough to venture every year either to Lake Powell or Lake Mead & will be heading out there in a few weeks (literally cannot contain my excitement!!) So you can only imagine how happy I was to take an adventure out there. Sunshine wasn't on the forecast for that day but that didn't stop us from spending time in the water (Mike & Jenna Anderson were troopers at getting up on the wakeboard for their 2nd-ish time) Everyone was feeling the soreness of every muscle coming but yet again that didn't stop us from riding almost every single ride at the County Fair down the road. A group of cute girls also came out from New York to join us that day (Alyssa Lewis, Janelle Worsley & Alex Adamson). Of course we played the name game & had tons of mutual friends which always seems to happen in the Mormon world. I think after the Lumineers concert, wakeboarding, lack of sleep, too much ice cream & continuous upside down/loose your stomach rides, I was just about to pass out. I put my body through absolute misery all for my own entertainment & pleasure. Thank goodness for Sunday's because we needed a day for recovery after this weekend of nausea. & thank goodness for friends because without them, life wouldn't be as enjoyable. Of course there is Adam but having other relationships really build different connections with people who are going through the same thing you are. They are there to inspire you, motivate you, & be there for you. I cannot imagine my life without friends & it hurts me thinking that there are people out there who don't have any. The best way to make friends is to be one.

I believe in angels, 
the kind that heaven sends.
I am surrounded my angels,
but I call them by friends. 

p.s I know Adam's beard makes him look 10 years older & 30 pounds heavier. 
But he's still sexy. 


  1. you guys are so cute. goodness, i love lake time!
    and lumineers, my brother went to their concert recently too.

    love you lady

  2. dude you're rockin that wake haha. i love it