June 30, 2013

calm after the storm

[Belle Haven Marina, VA] A couple nights ago, I enjoyed one of the many thunderstorms on the east coast. After hearing of all the rumors, it finally clicked in my mind what exactly these people were talking about. Even my mother could hear the thunder through the telephone! It was crazy. Since Friday night was date night, we decided to go out along the Potomac River & look at the incredible sky that was forming all sorts of shapes, designs & colors after the storm. Seeing the beauty in the clouds made me realize how lucky I am to have someone to share these little moments with. As we were being eaten alive by bugs, Adam & I opened up our thoughts about how love is something that cannot be forced. We cannot demand or expect someone to love us a certain way. Inevitably, it is by choice & by nature how people give & receive love. Adam has taught me that the best way to love someone is to be happy no matter what the circumstances may be & I believe in this philosophy  If we are happy then your spouse will have that genuine desire to give you those extra compliments you need, do the dishes without be asked, be the first to initiate cuddling because you have created an environment that is warm, inviting and loving. By communicating & controlling our emotions, it is easier to understand our spouse & be in harmony with one another. There are always going to be storms ; whether it be in marriage or in any other relationship. But those people that last are the ones that can love someone enough & are happy enough to understand that these storms will pass but are essential in our growth. In order to have peace, we believe you must choose first to be happy. 

Those who are 
h a p p y 
will make others 
h a p p y 
Anne Frank 

& Mr. Jacobs. 


  1. you are so right carely. so right.

    love you.

  2. Such a good reminder, I needed that thanks Carley!