June 27, 2013

Little Miss Ava

[Arlington, VA] Introducing this sweet girl whom I get to spend time with everyday from 8 till 4: Miss Ava Moss. Last week we got the chance to visit a new splash pad in Crystal City which was a real treat for both her & I. Running around in the water & the blazing sun just wore her out & a long nap was followed (thank goodness). I am preparing myself for the humidity which I hear is the worst out here. Ava loves to play in her sandbox, slide down the slide until she can't stand anymore, eat as much cheese as her body will allow, say hi to our neighbor Griff every time we walk out of the house, watch & dance to Elmo, collect coins & keep them in her purse, & blows kisses whenever someone says "I love you". I have enjoyed every second living on the east & being a nanny to her, specifically her, is a blessing. Words would not be able to express the change that has come within me ever since I started taking care of Ava. I feel like I am still Carley, but Carley that is slowly growing into the woman whom she always imagined being. Adjusting to marriage, learning how to communicate, taking on a new city & lifestyle, & being thrown into motherhood have really pushed me to change. I believe that change is one of the most important action words that humans need to embrace. Having the desire to change is what sparks growth & what inevitably transforms you into the person you want to become. When we become too comfortable in life, we tend to fall behind & don't push ourselves to develop the qualities we know are within us. It is when we take that first step forward - out of our comfort zone - where we take off & gain confidence deep inside. I believe that with God, anything is possible. It is possible to run around, chase children, clean up the same mess over & over. It is possible to stop yourself right before you yell because the child has gotten into the cupboards again. It is possible to do the dishes, laundry, make dinner, exercise, spend time with the husband & still have time to ourselves. It is possible to do little acts of service, go to the temple or to go out & teach with the missionaries. It is possible to open up our hearts & minds to the issues that are going on in this world & not let them affect who we are. It is possible because God has given us the ability to accomplish anything we set our minds to but it is our choice, attitude & faith in Him that allow them to actually happen. 

I  b e l i e v e  t h a t . . .
God is making things happen for you
even when you can't see it,
even when you can't feel it,
even if it is not evident,
God is working on your prayers. 

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