November 12, 2013

Off Roading

[Deep Creek Lake, MD]
Basically, these pictures sum it up -- we are hardcore. Even though most of the trails were shut down, we found ways to climb over rocks, spray a little water, & happily enjoy the ride. To be completely honest, I was more into it than I thought I would be. Usually I freak out if my body is leaning half way down a mountain & all I can think about is the car flipping twenty times down it but Mike & Jenna's new Rubicon is now my new favorite toy! I forgot how adventurous I am. I've been bungee jumping in the Swiss Alps & sky diving a few times so I really had no excuse to be a baby. This trip also consisted of football, delicious pumpkin pancakes, pajamas, sleep (lots of it), reading, playing in the leaves & apple cider. I am in love with November because of all those things. Being born & raised in California prevented me from experiencing seasons - especially the distinct changes in nature. I never really knew what it was like to see the leaves change colors or for it to snow (until I moved to Utah & here). Maybe I was young & nieve but I never realized how all the various shades of orange, yellow, red, purple & green create an aurora of color & beauty that cannot been explained. It is a feeling that must be experienced & I sure am one lucky girl to be experiencing it. 

around you 
R E A L I Z E 
how blessed 
you are. 


  1. So glad i found your blog! new follower :)

  2. Looks like a seriously perfect weekend! Miss you! (and of course Jenna and Mike!!)