October 28, 2013

Halloween & Hazel

[Butler's Orchard & Mt. Vernon]
It was hard saying goodbye yesterday to Adam's sister Emily, brother-in-law McKay & there two adorable kiddos Henry & Hazel. They ventured from South Bend, Indiana (where McKay is studying chemical engineering at Notre Dame) & spent the week with us. We miss them so much already! Because this was the first time meeting Hazel, I got to see little bits of her personality which really pushed me to be baby hungry again (which is nothing new at the Jacob's household). But I know my time will come when Adam & I are ready. We still have a lot of growing to do together before babies can factor into the equation.  

Hazel is one of the happiest little girls; always smiling, laughing or just perfectly content with what was happening around her. She is a piece of heaven & I could've kissed her cheeks all day long! I think my favorite part of having family in town is seeing how Adam is around the kids/his family. No matter what, he was always serving, helping out with the kids, holding a baby or doing anything he could to make sure they are happy. As his wife, my heart just sank. His actions reflect on his character & how he will be as a father one day. I know that family is what he believes to be most important. I remember him turning to me in the car last Monday morning (as he was heading off to a job interview) & he told me that he has been asking the Lord of what he can do to prepare for this interview. He said, "What I can do is make my family have the most enjoyable time while they are here." These words stuck in my heart over the next few days as we hosted the Ryttings' little family because that is what the Lord wants. He wants us to love & serve one another. There are so many distractions or selfish incentives that keep our minds cluttered but when we recognize how we have the ability to make a difference or create joy in someone else's life, that is when we are truly happy. The Lord has blessed us with people to love & who love us. I hope we all treasure our families & those people we love. 

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Come back soon Emily & McKay! 

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